"Worry-Free Retirement" Review

Can you identify the benefits you're entitled to, but not receiving?

Think about it… is it the BIG things in life that “get you”…  the important ones you can see coming from far away and can plan for? Or, is the real danger those SMALL things most people miss and haven’t thought… and potentially become issues that seem to “come out of nowhere” to suddenly become big financial problems in retirement?

Full Checklist

Full Checklist

I help clients who are nearing, and in, retirement identify and fix those “small” issues NOW, before they potentially become big problems later. Our “Worry-Free Retirement” Review process can help retirees identify and fix up to 21 different financial, medical, legal and governmental issues/benefits they often don’t even realize they’ve missed, overpaid on, or are otherwise entitled to receive!

Concerned about protecting the retirement you’ve taken your lifetime to build?

Each month, I offer a limited number of “Worry-Free Retirement” reviews to residents of Gloucester County (and the surrounding area) who were born before 1960. RockCrest’s “Worry-Free Retirement” checklist and review can help identify not only the benefits you’re owed, but helps catch those “small things” you can easily fix now, which left undone could become those “big financial issues” later!

Here are some of the benefits I may be able to identify for you:

  • A program to protect your spouse from losing half her Social Security income at your death;
  • A program to cover up to two-years’ of in-home or long-term care without paying a cent in expensive annual premiums;
  • A third-party, independent analysis of your brokerage and retirement accounts that may help identify undisclosed issues which may be preventing you from receiving thousands of dollars per year in investment benefits;
  • A review of your POAs (financial and medical) to help ensure that they work when you need them most… and how to easily fix the “language” missing from almost all that we’ve seen.
  • … And up to 17 other benefits!

These are important benefits and you’ve paid into the “system” for years. Doesn’t it make sense to get every penny you are owed? Setup your FREE meeting to walk through your own personalized “Worry-Free” Retirement Review & Second Opinion Service or use our handy contact form if you have any questions.

One question that we are often asked is, “Why do you offer this service to prospective clients for free?” In other words, “What’s in it for you?” 

In my experience, I have found that very few advisors ever address the benefits and issues found in our checklist with their clients. So, not only is it a great way for me to introduce myself and RockCrest Financial to prospective clients, I look at the service as a way to provide a “community outreach” and provide the residents in South Jersey with valuable information that they can use throughout retirement, whether or not they decide to work with us!

But, because my full-time job is taking care of current clients, I limit these non-client “Worry-Free Retirement” reviews to just five prospective clients per month. It’s on a first come, first serve basis… so if you are interested, please contact us to schedule your free review!

What happens after someone, like yourself, gets this free review done? Here’s what I typically see:

  • Some people that come see us take the information and decide they can do it on their own;
  • Some will take it back to their advisors for help with those issues; and
  • Some people ask us to help them fix part, or all, of those issues we’ve identified so they can get all the benefits they deserve.

I’d love if you became a client, but even if you don’t, I hope you’ll be happy enough, and find it so valuable, that you’ll refer friends and family to RockCrest Financial for their own personalized “Worry-Free Retirement” review. (Your advisors may even be impressed enough to contact us so they can learn more about how we can help their clients!)

Interested in going through your own, personalized “Worry-Free Retirement” Review and finding out the benefits you may be owed?

Make an appointment with RockCrest!

Best Regards,

Steven A. Boorstein, PharmD, CFP®

P.S. If you’re still curious, here’s a great video that explains what we do, who we help, why it’s so important and how we do it! Check out the video below:

Benefits retirees often don't know they've missed, overpaid or are entitled to receive!

Now that you’ve learned more… are you ready to get your own, personalized “Full Checklist” to identify the benefits you may be owed? Contact us or make an appointment using our online calendar below:

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